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Corporate Events &
Speaking Engagements

Leveraging Growth Mindset principles, we empower organizations to rewrite the rules of yesterday.  People with a growth mindset tend to believe that they have infinite room to grow and learn new things in life.  We utilize sound research, guided by a proven methodology where informed decisions result in maximum impact.

Mind. Spirit. Soul. Wealth  


Program Outline:

  • Form Your Assessment - Exploring Your Innermost Spirit.

  • Exploring Your Shadow Archetypes – Continuing the Journey to Self-Discovery.

  • Exploring the Brand Archetypes as it relates to Branding.

  • Value realization - The intersection of Profit and Community Responsibility.

"Work Friendships are Mostly Amazing and Sometimes Messy"

Women at Work Podcast

"A perspective on working through work conflicts especially with coworkers turn friends.  Take a listen as Teaira and a colleague (now friend) give advice on how to respectfully set boundaries and face stressful moments."

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